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the lead!! yankees tie it in the 4th... and then the bats go silent forrboth teams until the 9th inning.... orioles' closer jim joonssn n theegame....e's not on this pitch. firstt batter of the inning, russell martin goes deep out to left and the yankees would nottstop there. they score 5 runs off joonson, and take game onn of the american league divisional seriess 7-2. great atmosphere.... toogh resuut. 3313 we're going to bounce back, we'll be ine. we have all the bounce back, we'll be 3313 we're goiig to bounce back, we'll be finn. we have pll the confidence in he do a better ob of pushing runs across, and give them leadd in tight games. therr's nottmuch timm to think about it, the twooteams pinisheddtoday, and will play again today in camden yards, &ppt 8:00. the tough loss doesn't change the faat that this town has been ransformed by thee orioles this year.the team won its first playoff game in 11 years on frrday, and ttere's still a ton of confidence as continues. joel d. smith live at panera in towson with more players, and he's also the - checking out how the
... and yankees... senninn this rning playoff series into game fivv. five.we spoke with the layers iinthe llccer room after the pame... and hey are ... áoutspokenááabout the pressure they're under. those thiigs its win or go hhme- hhmeehe series is now tied at &p2-2... and thht means tonight... it's do or die. from jimmy's in fells ppint with ffa reaction this morning. good morning yankees... 2-1... inn11 - innings at yankee stadiuu. that's enoogh to wake up any ffn after a onn night. night.the orioles took a 1-nothing lead on nate fifth inning.the yankees tied it when jeter scorrd in he chances... eepecially by the yankees... gamm 4 remained &ptiedduntil... the 13th inning. the o's scored the winning runn oo j-j hardy'' double... off series 2-2 and senning thh o's to game 5. 2::1:38cheers... gaae lett go o's2:12:28they're sttll in it they've got one more gamm not sure if it'll be tiilen or hammel tomorrow but thhy'll get it done doneit'll be hammee ttking the mound ttnight... gging up against c-c sabattia for the showdown.first pitch is att 5:07.it's do or die.but we're played 43 inni
the new york yankees. the post season run continues to be the top story. mother nature cast a weather spell over the second night. >> after a 40 minute game delayed, they opened up game 2 against the yankees. baltimore is being new york 3-1 in the top of the seventh inning. the yankees would have to win only one more game to advance to the american league championship series. we're covering the orioles postseason magic. fans have gotten used to the damp and chilly conditions. >> it only sprinkled and reigned before the game, nothing major. the temperature has dropped. much cooler than most fans are used to. fans are not letting that stop them from cheering on the home town team. >> a lot of nice people come and hang out. >> it has been 15 years since the orioles played during the season and fans are noticing the difference. >> how is it different during the playoff? >> everyone is back in the team. it is nice to see everyone here. everyone comes out of the woodwork now. >> how has the town come alive? >> brought baseball back to baltimore and people are getting excited. >> fans have f
's get another chance to overtake the yankees. do you think they're happy, rob? >> oh, yes. police arrest two suspects in howard county. how a pair of ravens tickets helped officers nab the culprits. 11 news saturday morning starts right now. >>> hello and welcome to 11 news saturday morning. >> i'm jennifer franciotti. your top stories, including last night's big win by the o's in just a moment. but first let's check outside with john collins. >> stars, clear skies. >> felt like summer yesterday. >> beautiful day yesterday. been so long. we got a baseball game today. >> it's exciting. >> here in baltimore! things are going downhill. >> not for sports. >> weather wise. we're going to see a big change here coming. one, there's some rain out there that's headed in with a cold front. and the cold front is really gonna change the complexion of the weather over the next 24-36-48 hours. the front, you can see the rain. most of it in pennsylvania and up in new york state. becomes rather scattered when you get farther south down into the ohio river valley. look at the numbers on the screen. 58 ba
in. >> and two outs in the bottom of the tenth as the orioles try to force the yankees in to a game five tomorrow night. >> it was frustrating trying to figure out what the claims were actually trying to say. >> is natural dog food what you think? we find out on the news, that starts right now. >> we start with a story that we have been following since this morning. five members of one family killed by a fire in the middle of the night. at a vigil the names of the five were read out loud in front of the house where they died. >> she is with god. >> reporter: classmates and teachers from school crowded the sidewalk. mothers comforting mothers, children comforting children. we show you how this community is supporting one another tonight. >> reporter: in front of the house lays a little bike, with a broken and bent wheel. this bike will never bring joy again to its owners. >> as a mother i hugged her. she lost a child. i have lost a child. i know that feeling and if you have never lost one you don't know that emptiness and i wanted to hold her and let her know i'm here and that e
a commanding 2-1 seriees lead agaanst new york... but instead, some lateeheeoics by tte yankees leavv the o's on the brrnk of elimination. elimination.--the gameewas tted at one in the th when rookie manny machaao crrnks this home ruu to deep left center field. is first playoff home run looks to be the gaam winner. -- until the &pthe 9th inning, and raul ibanez comes through with a game tying homm run against clossr im johnsoo.--it would 12th... when ibanez is up again ... and does it againn!! this homer wins it! the orioles had won 16 straight extta innnng games... but now they are one loss away from the seasonnbeing over. -afterwards... buck showalter spoke to theepress 22::4:27:15 "how big is the knot in your stomach? i've got no knot i my stomach. why not? am that whaa i'm supposed to dd? is that what conventional thinkkng is? no we don't live in that world. i'm so iipressed with ouu guys tonight. we played a great gaae in a tough situation and we'll comm out and compete tomo" tomorrow."tonight's game psarts at :37. more drama for tonight's game starts at 7:37. 3 rrnndllstown is exp
three, four and five. >> they really need a win tonight to push the yankees for the rest of the week. live now at yard with a late monday night. >> reporter: they are still holding onto the 3-2 lead in the top of the 7th. it's cold out here. we had that rain earlier. the 40 minute rain delay. still cold throughout the evening. you know fans would be bundling up to stay warm but you wouldn't believe what some of them put on before they came out to the yard. did somebody say cold? more than 40,000 fans packed in to camden yards as the temperature dropped into the 40s. >> we have -- story for the -- the orioles hat. >> reporter: furry, fuzzy and warm but for some it was the hostility. >> orange gators especially designed for stomping on yankee fans. >> reporter: this guy wore normal clothes last night. >> big old -- skinny man run around. >> reporter: he is hoping his suit brings good luck. he this guy is putting his bow tying skills to good use. >> you didn't get my orange bow tie out. >> reporter: why wear glove when is you could have these in. >> get people's attention obviously
... and howwmany you benefits. to get the 3 -live look camden ards yankees tonight... game 3 wednesday,,octooer 10th 3 p3 43-map 3 first on fox...an officer... suspected of helping cover up the shooting of a child... will not be charged with a crim. crime.megan gilliland is live from city police headquarters with more on the ecision just released from prosecuuors. good morning guys,the ity state's attorney's office made jusstreleased he news... only after we called following up on the investigation. &pinvestigation.it all happened in march in an eest baltimore alley.david wright was the one killed.later... baltimore city out f the eastern district... the murddr of 13-year-old r monea turnage.waad was suspendeddwhen police found the gun that kklled the girl in the trunk of his car.but prosecutors now saa ward will not face criminal charges... because of insufficient evidence.a decision that has wright second uessing his supoprt of city police. (wright) now understand me clearly, every officerrisn't bad. every officer isn't guilty, but there's a great number of them who are. they a
the championship series against the yankees. the series is tied at one game a peace. whoever wins three games will move on to the championship series. tonight's game is at 7:37. we just learned a potential game five on friday would start around 5:30. the orioles will definitely face a more hostile crowd than the 48,000 screaming fans who cheered them on here in baltimore. and although yankees fans battled in the bronx, we managed to find one orioles fan amongst them ready to cheer our team on. >> i have respect for the team. i came out of nowhere and have been doing good things. they came in here and changed the whole team around, the whole dynamic. there were not playing like as a few years ago. it is incredible for them to actually come out and take the team to play offs. >> pete gilbert will have live reports throughout the series. meanwhile, looking for tickets to begin? be aware of ticket skimmers. officials with the better business bureau said there are ways to protect yourselves from blowing money on a bogus ticket. they recommend using a credit cards even stop payment if necessary. th
about david who runs the horse box along with a partner. yankees fans come here and are quick to point out that fans of all teams welcome but this past friday it was packed with orioles fans for the wild card game against texas. >> all fans, all different games. >> jamie is in times square tonight dodging some of those nasty new yorkers. let's hear what he found out. >> reporter: we take your arms, bats and gloves for this is the city that shows your every move. where heros and goats found every second. where the orioles will be take on the bright lights and what you get in the streets is a little fear about the birds. >> very, very surprised. >> my yankees all the way. . >> reporter: the energy flows and here we are standing in the crossroads of the world. >> i don't know. i believe in the orioles. >> reporter: if you ask a lifer, i mean one that goes back to mantle days. >> i don't know. >> game three tomorrow night in the bronx. we will have coverage. the question, what's the weather going to be like? let's check in with mike. >> i think it'll be okay. it'll be a chilly ga
of the steelers...next in sports unlimited... the ooioles and yankees have this season...each team has &pwon 11 of them, and right now and final timeethis season...t - stakk: a spot in the american doeen'ttgee much bbigger than t. thiss.. &pright now it's aascoreless ti in the 4th inning...cc sabathia has been domiiant...4 strikeouts in 3 inniigs... last night was a preety fans...not only did the orioles beat the yynkees to football side of things... - things...tte arch rrval pittsburgh steelers llst...too came in onlyy1-4 on the season...thhy t a touchdown &ppasssfrom ben roethlisberger ii tte defeat....ig ben issof course all too familiar to ravens fans, who will see a pretty close approximationthis sunday in tony romo.. game reaction from game 5... - plus our high school game of the week ccming up on foo 45 pews at ten and the late edition.... residents are still residents are still llughing about aabizarre ressue in ichi. michigan.... 3 &p3&pa... curr racccon... had a stickyytime... when it balancedd.. oo... a... utilityy pole... with... a... jar jammed ...on pts head...
with the yankees and orioles. >> left hander hit 170 or below. you can see in the bullpen. >> can he do it again? he did. >> brian: second time at bat pinch hitter raul ibanez come in for arod and ties. and gives the yank hit for a yankees win. they are cheering best of five. what can we expect for the rest of the playoffs. we'll ask dave stewart former hitter and former champion. dave, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: excitement was there for the yankees. i know arod makes $29 million and i am pinch hitting. >> it is a manager decision. play your gut . his gut told him that was the time to hit and turned out to be a good move. >> brian: another franchise . oakland athletes. coco crisp. game ends and come back for a four-three win and ties the series. >> that team is exciting team to watch. they have 17 rookies. >> brian: 17? >> 17 rookies unheard of to be this far in the season. their ball club believes they can win. >> brian: brad pitt is running that team. >> yeah, he is. >> brian: mr. money ball. and giants come back and tie their series with a 8-3 win over the cincinnati red. >>
. >> that was a good situation. yankees won. >> giants i care about did not win. they got their ass kicked twice. >> your reds, though, won. >> that's what i just said. the giants i care about got their ass kicked twice. and then maybe one more time -- it will happen in cincinnati hopefully on tuesday. that's a game i can watch p. >> if they get there, will you go? >> to the world series? i guess it would depend on -- probably not. who are they playing? >> giants right now. but you're saying in the world -- >> i hope it's the yankees. >> if it was in new york, then you would have a shot. >> that would be on exciting. be like all the way back to 76 or 77, 76, i think. >> you're probably jet lagged, aren't you? when did you get back? >> friday. 24 hours. i missed everything. jobs. the debates. i did see the debates and i saw -- i watched everybody here from paris doing the jobs number. >> missed a you new kind of greek cookie. but you heard, becky is right, beware of greeks bearing gifts. she brought a bunch of stuff in here and lulled us into -- >> fatten you up very quickly. >> like a pound of b
yankees pulled off a victory last night by benching a guy and putting in a guy making a fraction of the money. does it prove once and for all that money doesn't buy you victories. ♪ sometimes investing opportunities are hard to spot. you have to dig a little. fidelity's etf market tracker shows you the big picture on how different asset classe, and it lets you go in for a closer look at areas within a class or sector that may be bucking a larger trend. m stephen hett of fidelity investments. the etf market tracker is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and plore your next investing idea. >> the yankees won in extra innings-- en that ball is driven to right. and we are tied! did he do it again? he did! >> whoa, that was raul ibanez to hit not one, but two home runs, one in the 9th to tie the game and one in the 12th to win it. he makes one million a year and pinch hits for rodriguez, who makes 29 million. and struck out twice. what do you say, sandra smith in chicago. >> here is a shocker, who knew anybody on the yanks w
combination of orioles/yankees, nfl, something else. >> we'll see. here is what john dickerson wrote in slate today about the vice president performance. biden was defending the middle class while ryan was defending romney. biden's greatest asset was his passion though he might have been over the top. it was possible for a viewer to conclude that he was simply passionate about the middle class. take a look at joe biden early in the debate going after romney on his 47% comments. >> but it shouldn't be surprising for a guy who says 47% of the american people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives. my friend recently in a speech in washington said 30% of the american people are takers. these people are my mom and dad, the people i grew up with, my neighbors. they pay more effective tax than governor romney pays in his federal income tax. i have had it up to here with this notion that 47% -- it's about time they take some responsibility here, and instead of signing pledges to grover norquist not to ask the wealthiest among us to contribute to bring back the middle class, they sh
dumped bails overboard. but officers fished it out of the water. >>> new york yankees beating the orioles to take a 1-0 lead in the division series. the bombers' bats, waking up in the ninth inning for the 7-2 victory. and yankees' ace, c.c. sabathia threw a gem. coming up one out short of a complete game. >>> the cincinnati reds are one win away from playing for a pennant. they crushed the giants behind bronson arroyo, who gave up a single hit. >> america loves bronson arroyo as a member of the 2004 red sox championship team. fyi. >> if you're keeping score, berman is a red sox fan. only opportunity he gets to say that. >>> it's time for your early reads. the local news making headlines. first, from mj.com. shocking lapses at newark international airport. according to an internal transportation security administration document, newark security screeners did standard pat-downs of passengers properly just 16% of the time. in no cases, 0%, did they properly inform passengers of their right to opt out of a full-body scan in favor of a pat-down. the screener evaluations were done by out of to
fifteen percent or more. a very tense night at camden yardd...hosting the yankees in divisional series, the orioles &pwere trying to avoid goingbac to new york down two games to none in the series..and it's been a tight one thus far... far...orioles lead 3-1 in the 6th...chris davis hadda 2-run sinnge....wei-yin chen lookk great...6 iinings...one unearred run... nationals in st. louis for game 2 of the nlds...nats took game one....jorddn zimmermann with a rough outting....bottom of the 3rd...allee craig &phammers it to left...solo shot...zimmermann gives up 5 runs in 3 innings...cards lead p-1....toppof the 6th...danny &pleft center...john jay races to the wall...maaes the atch ps he crashes into the the cardinals center fielder... everything going righh for st. lluis today....bottoo of the &p8th...carlos beltran already with one home run...nuumer 2... cardinals pound the nationals to even the series...12-4... wednesday... &pit's now time to announce the candidates in our high school gameeof the week contest... prought to you by varsity sports network ddt com...you can vote for the ga
-- >> yeah, baltimore beat new york. >> orioles beat the yankees. that series also tied at one game. i'll tell you why. number one, tonight the reds are going to play and homer is pitching tonight. the not homer simpson. homer bailey. i'd like this to end tonight. detroit leads oakland by the same margin. >> why are you switch something. >> harwood is this big washington and i see all the belt way libs are washington.so >> harwood is this big washington and i see all the belt way libs are washington.om >> harwood is this big washington and i see all the belt way libs are washington.me >> harwood is this big washington and i see all the belt way libs are washington.et >> harwood is this big washington and i see all the belt way libs are washington.th >> harwood is this big washington and i see all the belt way libs are washington.hi >> harwood is this big washington and i see all the belt way libs are washington.in >> harwood is this big washington and i see all the belt way libs are washington. it's starting to represent to me big government. >> all the more reason you should want them
baseball. we're talking about the baltimore/yankee game at 5:07 and that -- >> the main show that people really care about, nationals/cardinals, i will say i'm rooting heavily for the nationals. my wife was born and raised in st. louis. i just zone the ask her. >> we love your wife for that. we have our thing here. >> yes. >> it's all about natitude. gio gonzalez is pitching. i hope he does better than the seven walks the other night. i saw it in danville, kentucky, went nuts and realized i was at an anheuser-busch venue and that's not such a good thing. >> they're heavily invested in the cardinals success. >> good to see you, chris cillizza. >> good, nats. >>> tamron hall is up next. >> it's torture for a rangers fan to listen to this. >> that's why -- that's not why we did it. >> andrea mitchell, good thing i love you. in our next hour -- >> love you, too. >> vice president joe biden is in wisconsin, home turf, do i have to tell you, of congressman paul ryan. fewer than 24 hours after the so-called joe show, aka, the vice presidential debate ended. who is getting the better reviews on
gutfeld's giants advance and make the post season. yankees make the playoff, and they do it every year. but on saturday, the manager finds out his dad passes andway and he does something impossible. keeps it to himself. nobody knows for three days. he decides to manage and not distract his team. and stay in the dugout. he says that is what his dad wants to do. at which time he makes the gutsiest and most successful time in his history. he sits down alex rodriguez and put puts in ibane.z. we're in game five. fourth inning and scoreless. that's guts and poise to do that. >> it does. >> dana: i love the sportcenter segment of five five. >> bob? >> bob: just about out of time. it had a graphic, forget the graphic. romney, if you had v interest deduction on your mortgage all of you, middle class, rich, whoever you are, they will do away with your mortgage interest deduction. romney will do away with your interest deduction. >> that is opinion. >> dana: what are you talking about? said he'd close loopholes for the highest income. they had it at $1 million -- >> i'll repeat. they will cut --
. i think my yankees will see your nationals in the world series. we are not going to be on the same side. >> no. this could be the one time when you are going to get it completely wrong. [laughter] >> sean: we'll see. game on. we will have the bet on that. >> okay. >> sean: thanks, charles. coming up, the president gave us a smirk. the vice-president gave us the maniacal uncle joe laughter and it was clear that they lost their respective debates. what do the mainstream media see? an obama/biden victory. >> we will talk about the debate from last night. you want to know what we are still talking about? benghazi? if you ask the obama campaign manager, stephanie cutter, she thinks it's because mitt romney is making it an issue. it has nothing to do with the fact they lied to us. can somebody remind her four americans are dead? their families have no answers in and her comments are insane and ridiculous. she is almost biden-like. well, well, a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make yo
in baseball playoffs after late inning magic last night. starting at yankee stadium. alex rodriguez struggling at the plate this postseason. new york manager joe girardi, hitting for a-rod in the ninth. smack as homer to the game. and he's not done yet. bottom of the 12th. goes -- ibanez, yankees win 3-2. new york leads the series 2-1. >>> out to the left coast. the oakland a's facing elimination against detroit. oakland scores three runs in the bottom of the nine. cocoa kris, a hit, as tied add three. series decider tonight. >>> another series in cincinnati. the giants dug themselves an 0-2 hole. now on even ground whip the reds. double cy young award winning tim had a horrible regular session, by his standards, but he came out of the bull pen to a few innings and the giants' bats woke up. three blasts left the park. final score was 8-3. >>> the nation's capital hosted its first postseason baseball game since 1933. not a happy return. the st. louis cardinals pounded the nationals 8-0. rookie pete cos ma, a three-run homer and coming back from surgery, stellar on the mound. cards have a 2-1 se
-1 win over the yankees. the washington nationals squeeze you had the out a victory with a game-winning homer in the bottom of the 9th to set up tonight's showdown. that are business headlines of fox business network. i got excited about my sports read i will work for espn right now. lori: you're so talented you could pull anything off. great stuff. ashley: he is spend would love you. move on to banks why don't we? shares of jpmorgan and wells fargo tumbling today. take a look as you can see both in the red. wells fargo down 3%. jpmorgan down 1 1/3. that is despite both banks reporting record profit thanks to gains in mortgage lending. here to break down the numb gers, numbers, paul miller, with fbr capital markets. let's start with jpmorgan, a certainly strong headline number but as you look into this let's start with the positives. what do you like about jpmorgan's earnings? >> there is not a lot of negatives in jpmorgan's earnings. there are a lot of positives. they handily beat numbers and beat across the board pretty much on every line item. mortgage bank as you mentioned w
are excited in new york about the yankees defeating the orioles 3-2 in extra innings. a couple of home runs in the ninth and the 12th. >> etwo games to one lead in th series. a bottom of ninth home run. and homered again in the 12th. first player to homer devices in a postseason game in which he didn't start. >> and he's 40 years old. >> wow. that's amazing, too. i i shaw some comments about pee rose about a-rod that he's never seen a-rod not run out a fly ball.i saw some comments about rose about a-rod that he's never seen a-rod not run out a fly ball. saw some comments about p rose about a-rod that he's never seen a-rod not run out a fly ball. pete always really hustled. he said i don't see how a-rod gets criticized. actually rose because talking about whether jeter can catch him in total hits. anyway, now to the national weather forecast. reynolds wolf joins us from the weather channel. reynolds, what's going on? >> we'll get you started with what's happening in the northeast. it's a pretty nice morning. you had a rough day in mitch yesterday. a little bit of hail today. got a little bit
york yankees played a deciding game five in the series later today. j.j. hardy had the game-winning hit and the 13th inning and last night as the as beat the yanks 2-1. new york was 0 for 9 with runners in scoring position. >> there will also be a game 5 in the st. louis-washington series. they gave the nats a 2-1 win last night. the home are came in the 13th pitch of his at bat. in the nfl last night, tennessee titans scored twice in the last four minutes of the game to beat pittsburgh, 26-23. rob boronis kicked the 40-yard field goal. the steelers have lost three straight road games this season. >>> i want to take you now to indianapolis, indiana, where former president bill clinton will be speaking in just a little while here. they're preparing the stage for him. it is called the hoosier common sense rally for obama. again, former president bill clinton will be speaking and you heard the dnc, the former president gave the current president a big boost in his re-election bid. so we'll keep you posted on that. in the meantime, i want to tll
between the orioles and yankees, first pitch is scheduled for 7:37 from yankos stadium in the bronx. that will be tell fiesed on tbs. how is the weather look today? >> the weather looks today foggy out there. and we can see in bel air what's going on many foggy conditions cloudy conditions but we will start to see things break up a little bit more going later into the afternoon and evening: gradual clearing through the day and more in towson and temperatures as you step out in the 50s. maryland's most powerful radar is dry and should stay that way but not ruling out a chance for shower this afternoon. and going into the afternoon high temperatures at 70. the with the southwesterly flow. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. in addition to the fog there are several accidents to watch out for. baltimore is the yea crash on east morn parkway and in baltimore county rosedale a crash at yellow brick road. 695 in parkville major improvements but the outer loop is slow from harford up towards providence road. the west side of the beltway expect
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